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Michele Willshaw

is a print maker based in Cornwall

Although I was born in Cornwall and lived here for the first 11 years of my life, the closure of the tin mines in the late 1970's (my dad was a miner) resulted in the first of quite a few moves.
I've subsequently lived in Plymouth, London & the home counties, the Midlands and North Yorkshire before finally returning home 13 years ago.
I took a degree in jewellery design at the then Central School of Art & Design, but, on graduating, I quickly came to the conclusion that I wasn't fast enough to make my living as a jeweller, but it started me on a journey that has, eventually led me to what I do today.
Living in Cornwall can be challenging and frustrating, but I love it and can't ever see myself leaving again. It's here, half way up a hill and surrounded by my family, that I design and make my lino printed designs.
When I'm not lino cutting or printing, you'll usually find me by the sea, regardless of the season or the weather and most of the pockets in my clothes have a piece of sea glass or a shell lurking at the bottom.

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